Monday, January 12, 2015


“Effortless-chic” is how Jeanne Johansson attempts to define Scarlet, which would only make sense considering that her offspring business perfectly reflects her life. 

There’s something about Jeanne’s tousled wavy hair, generally all-black attire and naturally funny personality that must attract people. She has more friends than Taylor Swift thinks she has, and the amount of texts she receives in a day would make anyone else throw their precious iPhone 6 off the nearest bridge.

She’s one of a kind, really.

She wears backwards flat-bills; She has more leather jackets than the cast of Grease; She can rap just about any Jay-Z song that comes on the radio; And yet, the coolest thing about her is her passion for her job. 

“I love being a part of someone feeling their best,” says Jeanne. 

And take our word for it… She means it. All those texts we mentioned… Most are from customers asking the boss herself for advice on their outfit, whether it’s for a red carpet event in LA or just a day spent running errands in Little Rock.

“I hope Scarlet offers an experience. I want customers to come in and feel like we’re a bunch of girlfriends in a big closet helping each other decide what to wear.”

 Every girl’s dream-come-true? Yes. And now you know whom to thank.

Want to get to know Jeanne a bit more? We did the stalking for you. Check out our Q&A with our very own boss lady below and brace yourself for the cuter-than-Beyonce-and-Blue-Ivy-ever-could-be pics of Jeanne and her one-of-a-kind daughter Jett (whose own blog feature is soon to come--hello, future famous child blogger).

Recently, one of Little Rock's most popular culture and lifestyle magazines, Soiree, featured Jeanne as a "Style Icon"--an honor that was a long time coming in our opinion [insert wink-face]. Jeanne is wearing an RtA leather jacket & Vince booties.
{Photo by Jason Masters c/o}

What’s your favorite food?

Cosmic brownies and macaroni & cheese

What’s your favorite Emoji? 

Fist bump

What’s your secret talent?

My impersonations

What’s your go-to outfit?

Black jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, Wang boots or Nikes

Why do you love your job?

Well, a lot of reasons… I love all the girls I work with. I love my customers and meeting new people. I love the travel and the ever-changing fashion world. 

What style or trend do you think every woman should try?

I think there are certain essentials that should be in every woman’s closet, starting with a great black leather jacket.

I’m currently obsessed with… Vanessa Hong.

My role model is... My Dad.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Karaoke, read the news, play cards

I’m kind of a weirdo because…

This could get long… I have an alarm on my phone twice a day for quiet time and once a day for practicing my twerking. I basically only eat junk food. I’m also known for belting out ballads in cabs. 

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