Monday, February 1, 2016


Just because we are who we are (and proud of it...), today, February 1st, we are announcing our New Year's Resolution for 2016. Makes sense right? Anyway, our NYR this year does not revolve around weight loss or quitting bad habits. We've decided 2016 is the year of FUN. We don't mean make more time for vacations or pick up a new "fun" hobby... We mean our resolution is to have fun EVERY DAY. No matter what. 

The inspiration behind our NYR is none other than the amazing 87-year-old Instagram-famous woman, Baddie Winkle. How could you not be inspired by a woman much like your grandmother wearing a shirt that says "Hi Hater"?!

Trust us... Follow her: @baddiewinkle

This quote from Baddie is what sparked our resolution: "You're only here once in your lifetime--So have fun."

Enough said, Baddie. Thank you.

Lucky for us, we have one of our own "Baddie's." Well, sort of. Scarlet's owner Jeanne decided her own grandma was just as cool (hello... way cooler) as Baddie. So, we brought her in for a photo shoot for Project New Year's Resolution: "Have Fun" Campaign. "Ma," as we all call her dearly, stole the spotlight and BOOM... Just like that we were inspired to HAVE FUN.

We hope you'll join us this year in #TheFunClub by putting fun first. Follow us along on Instagram and Facebook to see more of where this fun year takes us. Here's to the best year ever, 2016.

#ScarletYearofFun #TheFunClub #LiveLikeBaddie

"Ma" is the perfect inspirational woman to help us launch our campaign for 2016. She's not only been a "girl boss" businesswoman her whole life, but she's always put family first. Oh, and obviously she's fun.

According to Ma, she married a "good man." Someone who has always been "man enough to let me be me."

It only makes sense that this role model of ours is a fan of all the important things: Arkansas Razorbacks sports, Southern cooking & Blues music. We approve.

Ma is in her happy place with a Diet Coke & her Winstons. 

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